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Credit based price tier

We provide a pay as you go pricing structure with discounts on bulk credit purchases. A typical quiz that can get you up and running in minutes will cost no more than £5. If you create your own quiz you'll be paying no more than £2! If you are an owner of an establishment that would be a monthly cost of £20 - £25 pounds!

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  • 2 credits per event for 40 participants

  • 1 credit per additional 20 participants

  • 3 credits to purchase the weekly quiz of 50 questions

  • Create your own questions and answers for FREE

Discounts available

£1 per credit

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How to play

1. Host / Quiz Master

A host is the person who is going to act as the quiz master. They will firstly need to sign up for a Quiz Master account. Once registered, you can create or buy quizzes and setup your events. Each event has a unique code which needs to be given to each of your participants.

2. Participants

Participants need a controller to play along. Luckily, we provide a controller for both IOS and Android devices. They can be found via the links below or simply search your app store for "vQuiz". Once installed, the participant can enter the event code to be seated in the event.

3. Live streams

If you're hosting in your establishment, great, you don't need a live stream! But if you're wanting to do an online quiz you may want to consider live streaming it. We dont provide a live stream out of the box. We suggest each participant has at least two devices setup per household. One device to view the stream of the host reading the questions, whether that be via Zoom, House Party, YouTube or Facebook and another device for each team/participant wanting to play along via the app.

4. PLAY!

Once all setup and the event is live, the host can read each question over the live stream and push each question to all the participants in realtime. Once a participant receives the question, they have four seconds to read the question and tens seconds to answer the multiple choice question. You can change your mind within the allotted ten seconds but once the time has elapsed your choice is locked in!

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